The Commencement Speech of

Mrs. Yvonne Coccetti, MBA Graduate from Germany

Vice President Account Management Planning & Coordination at Leonardo SpA

Good morning graduates, dear friends, family and faculty members.

Well, we did it! We achieved one of the major milestones of our lives: Our MBA Degree. This is an important step in the journey of our lives and has to be celebrated.

It is not only an act of personal commitment, but also one of pride. We all worked hard to get to this day, and our work will not be wasted. An MBA Degree is a wonderful achievement. One, which opens doors for new opportunities and challenges.

However, it is not a final goal; it is instead a part of the endless journey of our life. Our MBA Degree should be taken as a starting point for further achievements. Our graduation should serve as a booster to advance in our careers, taking up new challenges, or even going ahead with our education.

Life means also a continuous personal growth. This program has not only given us a chance to acquire new business skills. It has also strongly contributed, to confront ourselves with our values and dreams. Analyzing our current situation and developing those strategic tools, which will serve to succeed on the job and in our private lives.

We shouldn’t stop here! This achievement has already shown us, how good we are in reaching goals and commit to our success.

I hope that all of us here today, can take this achievement as a model, of how anything is truly possible in life, when we put our minds and hearts to it. The road ahead won’t be easy for neither of us. There will be missed exits and roadblocks. There will be times, when we feel we can’t go on. There will be times, when we think we are alone, having our back against the wall.

We’ve made it this far — why should we go back now?

Nothing is easy! We have to make the most out of our future. We will keep pushing, because we know we can achieve our dreams, and because we are worth it.

From this day onward, let us take each decision with our best interests in mind. Let us believe in ourselves so that we can reach for higher goals.

Let us be the best in what we do. So we can fill our lives with pride.

We have already taken the first step by making it to this graduation today— now, it’s time to take the next steps in the journey of life and start to build our future.

Finally yet importantly, let’s be grateful to the Swiss School of Management, which made it possible, for this dream to come true… Let’s thank all the amazing teachers, the great President Dr. Massimiliano Bracalé and all of us for making this journey not only a great professional achievement, but also a wonderful walk to become better persons!

Congratulations to the MBA class of 2018!