Jan Bentz

Professor, Leaders in Roman History

Professor Bentz was born and raised in Germany and partially went to high school in St. Louis, Missouri where he attended Gateway Academy. He teaches History, Philosophy, History of Philosophy, and History of Art.
Professor Bentz has his licentiate in Philosophy (lic. phil.), a Master in Sacred Art, Liturgy and Architecture and a Master in Church and Religions while completing his Doctorate in Speculative Metaphysics.

Currently he works as a producer for EWTN TV in English and German. He occasionally contributes to the National Catholic Register, Catholic News Agency and CNA Deutsche Ausgabe. In the past he has been editor of the German version of H2onews.org, editor for ZENIT.org (German) and Movie critic for YOU-Magazine.

Professor Bentz keeps himself busy outside of teaching. In his spare time he gives tours in Ancient Rome, the Vatican and Renaissance and Baroque parts of Rome, works as a translator and is passionate about Italian food and lifestyle in general. He likes teaching and interpreting history to make it more tangible and easier to grasp for students in the modern world.