Faculty and Staff Members

We are devoted to providing our students with the highest quality education

The SSM family is one of many talents and interests! Our faculty has many years of teaching experience in different universities and is fromed by international professionals with real-life experience. Our staff looks forward to assisting you during the application process, during your studies and after you have graduated. Following, some of our family members:


Massimiliano Bracalé

Founding President and Chairman

Serena Magnanti

Vice President

Ali A. Shah Povia

Ali A. Shah Povia

Rome Center Director

Logan Pacey

Student Affairs

Dr. Leila Chentouf

Professor and Business advisor

Robert T. Gharios

Quality & Accreditation Director

Paolo Bongarzoni

Vice Dean, Member of Academic the Senate, Managerial Statistics, Finance and Economics

Gaetano Pascale

Professor of Criminology & Criminal Investigations Head of Criminology Department

Ayesha Luxchmee Jugganaikloo

International Student Advisor

Marshall Langer

Professor of Accounting for Managers, International Economics, International Strategic Marketing, Strategic Financial Management

Elena Ghigo

Prof. of Human Resource Management & Organizational Behavior

Elizabeth Soliday – Naui

Professor of International Management and Research

Premkumar Rajagopal

Academic Director Swiss School of Management Asia

Nada El Shazly

Professor of Economics and Head of FinTech & Blockchain Department

Alsadig Omer Khalafalla

Professor of Middle Eastern Affairs, Adjunct Professor for the SSM MBA in Bahrain

Flavia Muzi Falconi

Professor Luxury Management

Giovanni Luigi Manente

Head of Business Development, Member of the Board of Trustees, Professor of Strategic Marketing, Communication & Advertising

Benedetta Podestà

Professor of Business Law & Ethics

Paolo Massafra

Professor of MIS Managing Informaiton & Knowledge

Cesare Pisani

Professor of IT And Digital Management

Dr. P. Ravindran Pathmanathan

Representative and Visiting Professor SSM Malaysia & Singapore

Simona Sauto

Professor Project Management, Finance and Management

Ricardo Fenici

Professor of Police Stress and Clinical Physiology

Giovanni Delle Donne

Professor Marketing and Sales

Cindy Leonardini

Professor Project Management, Finance and Management

Rya Kaufman

Professor Brand/Integrated Marketing Communication

Jacqueline Dettling

Student Affairs

Elisabetta Musio

Communication and Marketing

Kathy Ball-Toncic

Adjunct Professor, Organizational Behavior and Leadership

Arije Antinori

Professor of Criminology, Expert of Islamic Terrorism

Lucia Verdiani

Professor of Leadership & Coaching

Roberta Bruzzone

Professor of Clinical Psychology, Criminology and Evidence Collection

Gianluca Casagrande

Professor, Geography and History of Western Civilization

Jan Bentz

Professor, Leaders in Roman History

Anna Maria Casale

Professor of Clinical Forensic Psychology, Criminologist

Alexandra Tweedie

Business Ethics, Organizational Behavior and HRM

Johanna Bernadette Flemming

Professor and Coach in Leadership

Vassilios Stouraitis

Adjunct Professor of Organizational Behavior and Economics

Robert Pardi

Professor of Economics, Strategic Management and Finance Member of the Board of Trustees

Francesca Gori

Professor of Fashion Blogging

Cristina-Emanuela Dascălu

Adjunct Professor of English, Business Communication & Creative Writing

Alessandro Fiorentino

Professor of Luxury Management and Strategic Decision Making

Salvatore Caserta

Professor of Business Law & International Negotiations Skills

Litty Thomas

Business English and Hindi Professor

Constantina Skenderi

Economics & Finance Professor

Francesco Montanti

Organizational Behavior, Consumer Behavior, HRM Professor

Ugo Merlone

International Negotiation Skills Professor

Robert Victor Goedegebuure

Prof. of Research and Economics

Cristiana Era

Prof. of Business & Security

Roberta Fornari

Professor of Business English & Communication

Giusy Negro

Academic Advisor

Maria Silvia Arcuti

Academic Advisor